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We are accepting submissions for our Theatregasm Holiday Special! 

 Ahh, the holidays. Whether you prefer to spend them warming up in front of the fireplace with some hot cocoa, or setting up your house lights to Mannheim Steamroller hoping to get enough youtube hits to pay for the electricity this time... or even if you're sitting alone watching the Star Wars Holiday Special while eating pizza and crying yourself to sleep.  Only one thing is for certain: there is just not enough facetious holiday-themed short theatre in town.

Enter Theatregasm.

The wave of inappropriate humor is coming this December. We are after all the group that featured these two guys on a fishing trip:


And this time we're coming to celebrate the holidays with you.

Want to contribute? We are accepting submissions for holiday-themed short scripts, serious or not, maximum 15 minutes long. Please send short scripts to

 Jingle bells, bitch.

Also, Crime and Punishment is opening November 6.

 See? We do serious stuff sometimes too! 




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