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The Billion Dollar Snatch

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The Billion Dollar Snatch

By Troy Conway

Adapted for the Stage and Directed by Brian Mann

When 28 VIPs from all around the world go missing, and a billion dollars is stolen from a Roman warehouse, it's up to the Coxemen and their newest recruit Rod Damon(creator of the League for Sexual Dynamics and world famous sexologist) to rescue the VIPs and recover the gold. The only lead is a man named Lucciano Facciato, who may have a connection with the stolen gold, and an insatiable nymphomaniac Mala Nerona who runs the Roman pensione, The Settebelle, where many of the VIPs vanished. Along the way Rod encounters a number of interesting characters, such as the "eccentric" George Plickens, administrator of the US Embassy in Rome. But why were the VIPs kidnapped? How is that related to the Billion Dollar Snatch?

This play is the second in our season of "exploitation" as it offers an exploration in how sex is exploited for theatrical purposes. Can Rod Damon ever love someone or is he in it just for the "research?" Is it possible to love someone and not have sex with them, and is it possible to have sex and not love other people? ....




“The Illusion” follows the story of a remorseful father, Pridamant, seeking news of his prodigal son in the cave of the sorcerer Alcandre. The sorcerer shows him three visions; vignettes from the young man’s life. Inexplicably, each scene finds the boy in a slightly different world where names change and allegiances shift. Pridamant watches, but only as the strange tale reaches its conclusion does he learn the ultimate truth about his son. In his adaptation of this play, Tony Kushner compresses five acts in to two, adds several scenes of his own invention, and creates a style that, while still feeling classical, has very contemporary sensibilities. While the tone of Illusion is markedly lighter then Kushner’s best known play “Angels in America,” it shares the poetic language and theatrical quality that play is known for.

Directed by THEATRE ‘D ART co-founder and artistic director Jonathan Margheim, “The Illusion” is the first full-length production of THEATRE ‘D ART’s 2009-2010 “season of illusions.” During this season, THEATRE ‘D ART presents four full length productions all of which deal with the notion of alternate realities and worlds, how reality and fiction interplay and how the stage can be more real than we think it is. In the words of the director, “The Illusion is about love and theatre. The intangible vs the tangible, illusion vs reality. The play gives the example: a man is murdered onstage and you are moved by the tragedy, then a short time later, the murderer and murdered are smiling and holding hands onstage, taking bows. The moment that caused that emotional response was a lie, an illusion. Does that make the emotional experience any less real? Any less valuable? The same can be asked of love.” THEATRE ‘D ART invites everyone to experience this play and explore the world it presents and draw their own conclusions regarding this subject.

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