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creating unique theatre in the pikes peak region

THEATREdART is committed to introducing a new audience to the Colorado Springs theatre scene by producing avant-garde, provocative works performed by local artists and by specializing in works by local playwrights.

Due to a decision made outside of our control Puerto Rican Nocturne has been postponed until the Covid-19 crisis ends. The administration at our venue has public health and safety in mind. Cancelling events is the responsible thing to do as a pillar of their immediate community. I am saddened to say we have to postpone our performances for opening weekend. Please continue to check this website for updates on performances. We are planning ways to still be able to tell this story to the general public. We will refund tickets as requested and will generously accept any pre paid tickets as a donation for the company if one chooses not to refund. Please understand that this news is absolutely devastating to the cast and crew involved. We love our cast, crew, and audience. THEATREdART is deeply moved by the support we have received upon notice of this cancellation. During the creation of this show, I know we've managed to create something unlike anything the Springs has ever seen. We managed to do it with perseverance, grace, and above all else, community. 

The Cast of Puerto Rican Nocturne! (in alphabetical order)
Adria - Cheerish Evans

Captain Morales - Ángel Méndez Soto

Det. Oliveras - Manny B. Gómez

Eusebio - Matt Lockett 

Gonzo - Jiří Yariel 

Maricarmen - Kendra Dae Shock

Pedro - Gabriel Swafford 
Teresa - Claudia De La Cruz

Opens March 13th through March 29th. Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 3pm.

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About the Project
Who: Directed by A.B. Lugo. Written by Jonathan Marcantoni

What: True Crime Drama

When: March 13th through March 29th

Where: All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church

730 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Synopsis: Puerto Rico, 1978: A group of police officers, led by undercover detective Alejandro Gonzalez-Malavé, aka Gonzo, ambush and murder two political activists at a radio tower on Cerro Maravilla. In the ensuing cover-up, they claim that their victims were terrorists, and that killing them was an act of patriotism. Puerto Rican Nocturne offers a fictionalized examination of the fall out of the killings on sociological, political, mental, and spiritual levels as they relate to both Gonzalez-Malavé and Adria, the mother of one of the victims. The story follows Gonzo as he loses control of his moment in the spotlight, and Adria as the death of her son makes her question her life as an activist and the way she views her country, her identity, and her relationship to God. Told in a dreamlike, episodic fashion of memory and parallel narratives, Puerto Rican Nocturne questions the way power dynamics and systemic injustice harms not only the poor and marginalized, but also the very people who adhere to the status quo. In shedding light on a conspiracy that should have threatened the fabric of U.S.-Puerto Rican relations, Puerto Rican Nocturne portrays how popular revolt is tampered down during even the most traumatic events, allowing the corrupt and tyrannical to remain in power.

Theatre D'Anarchy (in Hiatus)


To Erica Erickson and the cast and crew of "Angels in America". TdA took home a 2018 Pikes Peak Art's Council Award for “Small But Mighty". Thanks to all the wonderful talent involved in this production! 

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