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Upcoming Shows

TheatreGASM 13: It's Alive!!!

After five years in the grave, THEATREdART is back with a new chapter in their hilarious and experimental play festival. THEATREGASM 13: It's Alive!!! showcases the extraordinary talent of the Pikes Peak Region through ten dark comedies from eight writers starring nine local performers. Stories range from the absurd to the macabre and are intended for mature audiences only. Featuring wild perspectives and comedically unsual ideas, THEATREGASM 13 is sure to cause conversation and keep you laughing till the final axe drops! Come get weird with us!

March 29-30 & April 5-7

Millibo Art Theatre, Colorado Springs, CO


Past Works

NOTE: This page is still under construction, please excuse any errors.

Fairy House

Fairy House Productions & TdA

March-April 2024

Fairy House is a modern-day, one act story inspired by Peter Pan, exploring the difficulties of childhood trauma and the bitter-sweetness of growing up. Written by local playwright Emily Newton and directed by Lainey Martin.

Ghost Stories of Old Manitou

TdA & The Manitou Heritage Center

Annually in October since 2019

Audiences are thrust into the spirit realm, where a ghostly guide will take them all around Manitou Springs, encountering the spirits of real historical figures along the way! The Ghost Tours have grown each year. In 2023, over 1500 humans visited the spirit realm and helped raise money for the Manitou Heritage Center.

News & Reviews

Escape from Ledge Manor

TdA & The Smokebrush Foundation

July 2023

Escape from Ledge Manor took audiences on a magical and ghostly tour where they had to make quick decisions to navigate the branching narrative. This unique "choose your own destiny" immersive theater experience was one of the first of its kind. 

Merriments & Mystery

TdA & The Manitou Heritage Center

July 2022

Experience 150 years of Manitou Springs through the eyes of a vibrantly hyper ten year old! Learn about how badly technology used to suck! Discover how easy it used to be to rob a bank! Laugh out loud to jokes about tuberculosis! Fight for your side in The Mineral Water Wars! Get jazzy with drum legend Ray Porter! Floods! Fires! Witches! Drum Circles! It’s going to get wild!

News & Reviews

Puerto Rican Nocturne


March 2020

COVID-19 claimed Puerto Rican Nocturne as THEATREdART and All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church was set to open on March 13th. A stay at home order and a responsibility to our patron's health meant our final dress rehearsal was our last gathering. Truly a devastating experience to all involved.

News & Reviews

Help! Murder! Puppets!

TdA & The Zodiac

November & December 2019

More information coming soon.



Annually from 2008-2019

More information coming soon.

Angels in America

TdA, LunaSeed Productions, Smokebrush Gallery

December 2017

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes is a play in two parts that has won countless awards including the Tony Award for Best Play in 1993 and 1994 and the Pulitzer Price for Drama in 1993. See full cast and credits.

Dogs: The Musical


September 2017

More information coming soon.

Short Eyes


May 2017

SHORT EYES was written in 1972 by Miguel Piñero in a prison writing class while serving time for armed robbery. A hard lined drama based on his experiences in prison portrays life, love and death among prison inmates; SHORT EYES examines daily struggles among inmates and workers of the privatized system. 

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