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Our Story

Theatre d’Art has been creating expressive and rebellious performance art in the Colorado Springs area for 20 years. We are committed to supporting the local artists and storytellers at the soul of our work, while introducing new audiences to provocative works of alternative and immersive theater.


Created by college students seeking to “kick your grandma in the teeth” with their work, the name Theatre d’Art was chosen in reference to the 17th century French avant-garde theater of the same name. Just as the Theatre d’Art of the 1800’s was rebelling against theatrical standards of the time, TdA sought to bring bold new voices to stage. From 2008 to 2019, TdA’s TheatreGASM showcased short original works from local playwrights, performed by local actors. These shows were unique, sometimes raunchy, sometimes thought provoking, always leaving a lasting impression.

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Shifting Tides

Throughout the years, Theatre d’Art has passed through different hands and heads, but the commitment to alternative art with local artists remains. Partnerships like with the Smokebrush Foundation or the Manitou Heritage Center have ushered in a new era of community involvement. For the past four years, TdA has run the historic ghost tours in October, raising money for the heritage center with a unique immersive theatrical experience.

The Present & Future

Going forward, we hope to maintain our legacy of unique and groundbreaking performances with more. Our commitment is to supporting local art by creating opportunities for playwrights and performers, fairly compensating everyone who devotes their time and skills to making the art come to life, and engaging with the community through thoughtful, unique work.


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