20 March 2017


On January 10, 2017, we started a fundraising campaign through Hatchfund. This campaign was necessary to be able to put up Season 10, arguably one the of our most ambitious seasons to date (which unfortunately comes hand in hand with production costs, rights, and many more fun things!). The goal was a stretch - $2500, we'd never asked for that much from our donors before.

On March 18, after many weeks of ruining your Facebook feeds and clogging your inboxes with shameless begging, we received a donation that brought us past the minimum we needed. We had done it! As of two days later it still hasn't quite sunk in.

But what has sunk in is how amazing this community is and how thankful we are to have so much support. We'd like to thank all of our amazing donors who helped us get there, both online and at the Theatregasm showings. We could not do it all without you!

Below: TdA board members get pied in the face at the last showing of Theatregasm.


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