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15 September 2017


For the first time in its ten years of history, THEATREdART is attempting something it has never attempted before.

And no, we don't mean we are producing a play where we make the audience walk around instead of actors (been there), or a play with full blown, three-feet-away-from-you full nudity (done that), or staging the hardest play in the world to stage (psh), or the worst movie in the world (easy peasy).

No, this time we are attempting the ULTIMATE of boundaries. The HARDEST of challenges. The MOST DARING PROJECT OF ALL TIME.

A... full-length... musical. (in the distance, screams)

That's right, fasten your seatbelts, fancy theatres! Clutch your pearls, 'cause we're about to pee all over your fire hydrant. It's a cross of Cats and Urinetown. It's DOGS: THE MUSICAL.

Performances will be at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts:

- Friday September 15, 8pm
- Saturday September 16, 8pm
- Sunday September 17, 4pm
- Friday September 22, 8pm
- Saturday September 23, 8pm
- Sunday September 24, 4pm
- Friday September 29, 8pm
- Saturday September 30, 8pm
- Sunday October 1, 4pm

All performances are entirely pay-what-you-can.

Make your reservation now!

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