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10 NOVEMBER 2017


THEATREdART is delighted to announce it has entered into a partnership with LunaSeed Productions and Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts for its upcoming December show, ANGELS IN AMERICA by Tony Kuschner. Thanks to LunaSeed and Smokebrush, THEATREdART will hold all performances in the Smokebrush Gallery in the Trestle building in downtown Colorado Springs.

LunaSeed Productions was founded in 2010 to be a safe haven for the artist to create, develop and present original music, theatre, dance, yoga and other creative arts. Whether you're ten, thirty, sixty, ninety or one hundred and twenty years old,  LunaSeed believe that cultivating YOUR creative seeds is important to your personal growth as well as the growth of your community.

Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts came to life as a Community Arts Foundation in 1992. Involved in the local and professional theater scene, the foundation also spearheaded workshops, exhibitions, a Children’s Theater series, world-class concerts and numerous community art projects.

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