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18 NOVEMBER 2016


On November 18, THEATREdART partnered with Hannah Rockey to bring to the stage One Sixteenth of an Inch: An Ethodrama on Suicide.

The pre-show started with Hear Here regulars Gerson Castillo, Mikayla Hobbs, Andrew Ziegler, Kimberly Southcott, Mallory Everhart, and Nico Wilkinson, who performed six poems surrounding different facets of dealing with suicide. Alex Williams followed with a heartwrenching monologue dedicated to Eli Sharp, late member of the Colorado Springs theatre community.

After the end of the preshow, performers started to lineup on stage for One Sixteenth of an Inch. The ethnodrama detailed the stories of 13 people whose lives were impacted by suicide. The performance included music by Miriam Roth Ballard and touching performances by Ariel Robinson, Ashley Crockett, Charlie Ammen, Charles Redding, Desiree Myers, Erica Erickson, Jon Andujar, Kala Roquemore, Laura Fuller, Sue Bachman and William Atkinson.

After the show, the cast, crew and audience participated in a talk-back with counseling professionals to discuss the subject further.

THEATREdART raised $320 during the event for Pikes Peak Suicide Foundation, which will get matched as the organization is part of the Indygive campaign this year. As the rates of suicide in Colorado Springs continue to rise above national averages, we hope that everyone who saw the show will take it as an opportunity to start the conversation. We also encourage everyone to consider making a donation at through the Indygive campaign.

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