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18 NOVEMBER 2016


Amidst the stress of the election, tireless THEATREdART board members locked themselves in a room on election night and did not exit until a new season was decided. There were tears, there was blood, there were clamors for mercy, but ultimately the board believes that they've made a better decision than the rest of the country on that day.

Without further ado, here is our Season 10.

(Also, let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact that we made it 10 years, whoo! shots shots shots)

We will kick off Season 10 with THEATREGASM TURNS 10. While this is technically only our 9th Theatregasm because we skipped a year, we're going to stick with 10 otherwise everyone will be all confused and we do hate to leave people all confused (see: Jet of Blood, 2011)

Next up, we meant to do this last year but really we just wanted to keep you in suspense: SHORT EYES opens in May. It is a delightful lighthearted spring show.

In July, we will collaborate with our landlords at the Cottonwood to bring you a co-production of PETROGRAD, detailing the assassination of Rasputin! People with long beards are encouraged to audition.

Fall will kick off with longtime favorite DOGS THE MUSICAL. You may remember this bonin' extravaganza from Theatregasm 2010 - well it's now a full blown musical! Who says we don't do musicals at TdA?

And, saving our most ambitious project for last. That's right. We are just that crazy. This Christmas, join us for ANGELS IN AMERICA, the 300-page theatrical beast by Tony Kushner.

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